Me, myself and I

Hey everyone, my name is Brooke Rycerz I am 22 years old and a senior at Michigan State University.  My major is Advertising and I will be getting into the IT minor in the winter. I am from Farmington, Michigan and lived there for most of my life. I was originally born in Romania and was adopted at 3 years old. Then went to Georgia for a few years and  ended up in Farmington. I played softball and volleyball in high school and continued with volleyball into my first two years of community college. I still play with my old college team mates and usually join co ed leagues to stay competitive. I have a passion for sports and music, EDM in particular, they pretty much are my life. My first year here at MSU really was a bad first impression of the experience I thought I was going to have. I lived far off campus, had crazy roommates and not knowing anyone made it a difficult transition. After that year ended and multiple major change until this point, I believe that I am finally on the right path to success. I will be creating my blog on a big part of my life , EDM music.  I am excited to show people and inside look into the world of this music and hope I get some comments on it. I am also excited for this new major this summer!

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