Festival Season is Here!!


Music festival at night

Hey all! So the biggest time for all the EDM goers out there is Festival Season. This is a season from end of April all the way till mid September. It is the time where hundreds of organized music festivals are taking place globally on many different scales. They have them in almost every state all the way to Europe and even Japan. It is amazing to see how unique each of these events are and how many people of different backgrounds come together in unity. I myself have only been to two festivals called Electric Forest and Movement. Later this week will be my second time going to Electric Forest. It is unlike many festivals in so many ways. Some festivals only have one stage, are in a city, or on a massive scale. This festival in particular gives you a great variety within the EDM music styles. You camp out for four days and have choices of regular camping, group camping, cabins and VIP. I have found group camping is the best deal because you are right in front of the gate and for me I didn’t need luxuries for the time I was there. It is also unique in where the stages and festivities are located in a real forest and is something out of a dream. People of all kinds gather for this event and truly come together. There is zero judgment as you see thousands of different personalities. It is the most welcoming place I have ever been to which is another reason it brings everyone back. It amazes me how even within crowds and bumping into people instead of fights or rude people you will see manners and even others starting to dance with whoever they bumped into. Each stage has its own flare to it and each offers a different style of music so you can bounce back and forth to what ever your feeling at that moment. This one is located on the West side of the state on a open wooded farm area. Movement however was a whole different experience. It was located in the city of Detroit and you wouldn’t camp out but attend the festival during the day and then afterpartys within the city till about 4 am. This festival had a slightly different style of EDM. It was a lot of deep house and techno with djs coming from around the globe. This is a very special festival for Detroit since the city is known for the birthplace of Techno. This one featured five stages and all had different feels. From being right on the water to mixed into trees, underground and also right in the center of heart plaza. Again no judgment and thousands of unique people coming to enjoy the thing they love. I am so glad I have been able to experience these two festivals but I have so many more I want to see. One that I have been dreaming to go to is EDC Vegas. This is one of the largest festivals in scale and has the biggest artists and also a strong variety. These festivals truly create a unique magical place where people can really be themselves and slip out of reality for a weekend. I hope to hear some feedback on anyone who also enjoys these festivals like I do.