Electric Forest Recap

This past weekend attended one of the most amazing music festivals I have ever been to. Electric forest is an EDM festival in Rothbury Michigan. Over 40,000 people of all ages attended. This is my second year going and I have to say this tradition will be carried on for the next years to come. My friends and I left at about 3:30 am the night before the event knowing we would have a 5-hour wait in line to get into the camp ground. As we sit in line we come to a stand still after security and the crowd in the cars start to get restless. People start blasting music popping open some drinks and get the party started while we wait. It was amazing seeing all the different types of people already submerging from the cars. After a long confusion about parking and 3 hours later we finally get moving and even more excited that we were finally on our way to one of the best weekends ever. Winding through the dusty roads we find out group camp site right in front of the venue entrance making it an easy commute not only to the festival but to the shops, store, and bathrooms. As we set up our tents and get settled in it finally sets in that we were finally there and all our planning is finally going to pay off. Around 5 the music from the main stage near the entrance starts and the people start to fill the line. My best friend and I go through our clothes and pull out hippie festival clothing put on our fanny packs and make our way out for the day. As we wait in line and then finally get into the festival it is amazing to see so many different types of people all unique in their own way having fun together as one. From stage to stage there are different types of EDM music from house, techno,  trap, dubstep to some folk and acoustic. Everyone had their own style. I myself stuck with the house or faster music while I had some friends who stayed with one genre the whole time either way there was something to make everyone happy. When the night came over the festival it turned into a different world, something out of a dream far from reality. Wandering through the forest between concerts was one of the best things you could do. They had different things set up through out of sculptures, interactive things, shops and bars. The forest is filled with happy peo11373796_866062306809205_1652931014_nple who are all there to share their love for the music and happiness of others. Even through crowds and bumping into people all the time you never see anyone getting mad at each other or causing fights. This is a place where everyone can be who they really are and have no judgments just positivity. One of my favorite moments was the transition between two different music types. I first went to see Bassnectar a huge artist that was probably the most popular there. My boyfriend and I went to the stage 30 minutes early knowing people would be waiting for him way before he went on, so we wanted to get a spot somewhat close. You could almost feel the passion that everyone had for this artist while we were just waiting there . Once he started the crowd came alive and became one as everyone started dancing.   I have actually never heard of this DJ till now so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It  went from fast beats to slow to in the middle and everything beyond my expectations.  It was one of the happiest concerts I have been to and would do it all over again If I could. After that set was over we ended the night with some house music. As we went to that stage the crowd was alittle more spaced and the music was at a lower tempo with a more consistent beat. Very different change of pace but I molded right in. Everyone was dancing to the beat in their own world having the best time of their lives. That what I love so much about this music if you have an open mind you can experience so many different types of music. Those are just two memories from many amazing ones from the weekend. As the weekend came to a close I found myself sleeping for most of the day and then tiredly dancing at the last set we went to embracing the last of the forest before leaving it for a year. It was a bittersweet ending ,but I created so many new amazing memories with even better people in a place worry and judgment free. I recommend this festival to anyone who has an open mind and wants to experience something different and adventurous.

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