Local Underground – exploring local house music

grasshopper- underground house music

Local house djs play at Grasshopper Underground in Ferndale.

A step inside Detroit’s Local house music scene

As in any industry you have professionals and smaller to local artists. Within the past 7 months of getting into EDM music and discovering new types of EDM almost everyday, I have found out about a local DJ group called Golf Clap who in particular play house music. I originally heard of them at Electric Forest last year and really enjoyed their house music. I have always been into the mainstream DJs and still like them  a lot but have started to get into a a couple different styles like house and techno. After forest I had a good friend show me new music almost everyday and a lot of it was Golf Clap. I also then found out they are from Detroit and play music every weekend at a place in Ferndale called The Grasshopper Underground. Soon after finding that out a few of my friends and me decided to check the place out since we knew of no place that plays that type of music. We  went there and it was a little whole in the wall place with a lot of personality. As you walk in you are immediately greeted with a staircase going to the basement where the dancing is or the ling narrow bar to the right. Once you go downstairs you can see the small DJ booth and lounge area right next to it. Once you see the full downstairs its not larger than a midsized basement of a decent sized house. Normally I like the venues larger with lots of lights and the whole thing but this was so intimate it felt like we were personally getting a show. The only lights used were ones from behind a narrow bar on both perimeters and from behind the DJ booth. The music was great just as I remembered in the forest and afterword me and my friend met them like it was no big deal. It was awesome because ever since then we have been back or to other places around Detroit that we found plays that music and they will show up there as well. I just went there this past Friday and talked to them like normal people and they appreciate our love for their music . I really am glad I met them and glad I know of such great talent that’s near Detroit. I also love that these DJs are so humbled by their fans and they are just doing what they love. It is great to know such great local talent and finding out about new ones all the time. House and Techno music comes a live in our city of Detroit.

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